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ALR Jordan - Voices Gold CD

ALR Jordan - Voices Gold CD

ALR Jordan - Voices Gold CD


ALR Jordan - Voices Gold INAK 79010  CD

Titel - Mrs. Pinocci´s Guitar (Wheeler, Cheryl)
- Auld Lang Syne/Bring ist in Home... (Pidgeon, Rebecca)
- Got to get you into my life (Baron, Christy)
- Up in the Attic (Newcomer, Carrie)
- Sunny (Stallings, Mary)
- The Blacksmit (O'Regan, Mary)
- At Sundown (Hot Club of San Francisco)
- Vincent (Sara K) - Baby, now that I´ve found you (Krauss, Alison)
- Take the "A" Train (Korb, Kristin & Brown, Ray Trio)
- Route 66 (Pizzarelli, Bucky & John)
- The moved though the Fair (Mac Gowan Geraldine)
- Was is something I did? (Davenport, Jeremy)
- Papa was a rolling stone (A la Carte Brass & Percussion)
- Special (Dalgish, Lou)
- New Dat, Reprise (Toss The Feathers)
- It´s alright (Smith, Jocelyn B.)

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